Water Damage and Mold Treatment

Water Damage and Mold Treatment

Treating Water Damage and Mold the Right Way

Leaking pipes concealed behind walls and in the floors of your home or office can cause severe water damage.  If the leak is persistent, this leads to consistently high levels of moisture which provides ample opportunity or mold to grow and can wreak havoc on your property.

As soon as you detect a leak, you will want to deal with the problem right then and there. Otherwise, the situation will only get worse, and you will most likely have a serious mold problem on your hands.  This not only looks bad, but will have serious consequences for your health.  Additionally, you will have to deal with other consequences of water damage, such as rotting furniture and structural issues.

We are proud to provide residential and business clients with a total solution to water damage and mold treatment.  Our first step is to locate and fix the leak at its source. After the initial damage-control is completed, we move on to the next step, repairing all the water damage, eliminating mold, and restoring your home or office to its previous condition. Once our work is complete, you won’t see any mold or structural deterioration, and you will be rid of the stale smell of stagnant water.

Water Damage and Mold Treatment Service Area 

With just a quick phone call, you can schedule service within Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, L.A county, Orange county, San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills and Valencia. We can provide even quicker service for those in the immediate areas of Encino, Tarzana, Porter Ranch, Thousand Oaks, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Century City, Redondo Beach, Malibu and Marina Del Rey,